Animonda Integra Protect Renal 300g

Animonda Integra Protect Renal 300g

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Animonda INTEGRA PROTECT Renal has been specially developed for pets with chronic renal insufficiency. Cats with chronic kidney disorders need a special diet that is reduced in protein and phosphorus.

INTEGRA PROTECT Renal has the effect that less protein breakdown products have to be excreted, and it supports the function of the remaining kidney tissue. This leads to a lasting improvement in the cat’s wellbeing, which in turn can extend its life expectancy.


Corn, greaves meal, poultry protein (dried), rice, peas, poultry fat, beef tallow, beet pulp, poultry liver, poultry protein hydrolyzed, dried eggs, salmon oil, lignocellulose, calcium carbonate, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, yucca schidigera. Protein sources: corn, greave meal, poultry protein (dried).

  • Protein26 %
  • fat content20 %
  • crude fiber3 %
  • crude ash4.5 %
  • moisture6 %
  • calcium0.5 %
  • phosphorus0.4 %
  • sodium0.4 %
  • potassium0.6 %
  • linolic acid2.6 %