JVP Dog Flea Pump Spray 100ml

JVP Dog Flea Pump Spray 100ml

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Keep your dogs and puppies free from fleas with the Johnsons Dog Flea Pump Spray.
The Flea Spray has been specially created for all  dogs and puppies over 12 weeks and contains natural pyrethrum insecticide that can quickly kill flea, lice and mites. The Flea Pump Spray is a non-aerosol and is extra quiet, so you can easily apply it to your pet without scaring them. The Flea Sprays pump action helps the spray to quickly spread within your dogs  coat, so it can get working super quickly. The Johnsons Flea Spray is simple to use  and the ingredients are naturally biodegradable, which makes them reliable for use on your pet.


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