King British White Spot Control 100ml

King British White Spot Control 100ml

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King British White Spot Control 100ml

If you find pin-sized white spots on the skin of your adorable fish, then it means that is infected with Ich or Ichthyopthirius. It is one of the most common infections that your aquarium fish can encounter. This infection can cause them to gasp, jump and twitch abnormally, flicking against objects, and move their gills rapidly. One of the best solutions to treat this parasite infection is the King British White Spot Control. This white spot fish treatment is a veterinary medicine that will easily treat parasitic infections, such as white spot (also known as Ich).

This treatment for ich can also be used to control costia and trichodina, keeping your fish healthy and happy. This ich medicine for fish is ideally used for both cold water and tropical aquariums and should never be used in marine aquariums. This aquarium ich treatment comes in one 100ml bottle, which is enough to treat up to 900 litres of tank water. You are recommended to store this anti-white spot treatment fish below 25 degreesC. You are required to avoid contact with skin and eyes and wash off any splashes immediately with clean water. You should also wash your hands with soap and water after using it.

Remember that this ich fish treatment will stain, if spilt, so keep it away from pets and children. You should never use it with other fish treatments or medicines. You are suggested to read all instructions before use for the safety of your pet. With the King British White Spot Control, your ich-infected fish will get back to its normal self quickly!

Product Dimensions: 17.4 cm (D) x 14.9 cm (W) x 5.8 cm (H)

Product Benefits

  • Fast-acting treatment for external parasites, such as white spots
  • Can also be used to control costia and trichodina
  • Ideal for both coldwater and tropical aquariums