Royal Canin Mini Light Weight Care 3kg

Royal Canin Mini Light Weight Care 3kg

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Royal Canin Mini Light Weight Care Adult Dry Dog Food 3kg

Taking care of a dog not only includes paying it enough attention and feeding it food. It also requires lots of exercising and running around. Otherwise, your dog can gain weight with its food and get lethargic in no time. To prevent your adult dog from getting stuck into an unhealthy routine and gain any more weight, feed it the Royal Canin Mini Adult Dog Food.

This combination of essential, as well as balanced nutrients satisfies your dogs appetite and ensures that you dont have to feed them again and again. This light dry dog food is made with highly-digestible poultry protein, maize, barley, rice, beet pulp, fish oil, yeasts, borage oil, soya oil and marigold extract. All of these ingredients make great sources of glucosamine, lutein and chondroitin.

Also, this weight control dog food is enriched with L-carnitine that helps break down fats in their body quickly. The delicious kibbles in this Royal Canin light weight care mini 3kg pack can also be moistened or combined with wet dog food for a complete meal. For a 10kg dog, prone to weight gain and with normal activity schedule, you can either feed approximately of 167 grams of this kibble dog food or you can mix about 149 grams with one pouch of wet food. Eventually, you will see some healthy changes in your dogs health and appearance that you will just love!

Product Benefits

  • Improved and proven weight control dog food for small breed adult dogs
  • Provides complete and balanced amounts of nutrients for healthy growth and development
  • Rich in digestible L.I.P. proteins for a strong and sustained build-up
  • Enhanced with L-carnitine for quick metabolism and healthy digestion
  • Appropriate light dog food for adult and mature small breed dogs that are prone to weight gain