Ancol Ergo Cat Slicker Brush

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Ancol Ergo Soft Cat Brush

We all want our cats to look neat and beautiful, and for that, we must brush their hair once or twice in a week. Brushing your cat regularly not only helps to remove dirt, grease, ticks and loose hair, but also promotes a smooth and glossy coat. Brush your kitty hair with the Ancol Ergo Soft Cat Brush to smoothen and neaten your cats coat. The brush has incredibly soft bristles that will neatly clean your cats coat and remove debris, dirt and any loose fur. Some cats may be nervous about being groomed initially; the incredibly soft bristles of the brush will make an ideal choice for such cats. This cat brush comes with an ergonomic handle for easy handling and grip.

Most cats love grooming, and this is the best way to spend some quality time and strengthen your bond with them. You can use this brush to smoothen long coats after your feline friend has been groomed with a moulting comb or slicker brush for that perfect finished look. Regular grooming can also drastically reduce fur balls and related problems in cats. This cat hairbrush is made of premium quality plastic and soft bristles will always feel gentle on your cat's coat. This hairbrush is perfect for cats of all types and can be used on hair of any length. Since grooming is essential for your cats, so surprise them with this fantastic cat grooming brush on their birthday or any special occasion.

Product Benefits

  • Soft bristles gently remove debris, dirt and loose hair from your cats coat
  • Ergonomic handle for easy and convenient handling
  • Gentle on your cats coat and will not harm them