Animonda Integra Protect Renal Chicken

Animonda Integra Protect Renal Chicken

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If your dog suffers from chronic kidney failure, a balanced diet is important. Animonda Integra Protect Dog Renal 6 x 150g is a balanced dietary wet food that has been specially developed to relieve the kidneys. 

Although the protein content of Animonda Integra Protect Niere is reduced, the food contains very high-quality proteins to support the maintenance of the muscles at the same time. The recipe of the dietary dog food does not contain any cereals. The carbohydrate source is easily digestible potato. In addition, the phosphorus content is low.

Integra Protect Renal at a glance:

  • Dietary complete feed for dogs to support kidney function in chronic renal failure.
  •  Reduced protein content: can help to relieve the kidneys, reduces the amount of protein breakdown products to be excreted
  • Less phosphorus: can support kidney function
  • High-quality proteins: important for maintaining muscle mass
  • With potatoes: an easily digestible and nutritious source of carbohydrates
  • Grain-free: suitable for dogs with corresponding allergies and intolerances
  • Very well-accepted: great flavour and appetising texture
  • In trays: practically portioned