Animonda Integra Protect Renal with Beef

Animonda Integra Protect Renal with Beef

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Numerous factors can lead to decreased renal function in dogs.
It frequently follows a prior disease, but it can also be brought on by dietary or inherited causes.
Dogs with impaired renal function require a special diet, such as Integra Protect Renal, which contains less protein and phosphorus.
A high protein diet can impair kidney function, and the inability to eliminate some protein byproducts and phosphorus is a common sign of renal disease.

A balanced wet meal called Integra Protect Renal has been created specifically to meet the needs of dogs with renal issues.
The highest grade protein is used, and the reduced protein level helps to relieve renal strain.

This means that even if it is only receiving a small amount, your dog still receives all the protein it requires.
Due to the recipe's complete lack of grains, it can be fed to dogs who are intolerant to grains or gluten.
Potato is used in it as an ingestible and wholesome source of carbs.

Overview of Integra Protect Renal:

For dogs with renal illness or diminished kidney function, a complete wet food

food for the kidneys in the diet

decreased phosphorus and protein levels

High-quality proteins: to provide the required protein in a smaller amount.

Potatoes are a wholesome and simple-to-digest source of carbs.

Grain-free: appropriate for dogs that are intolerant to grains or gluten

Free of artificial ingredients, soy, and sugar