Animonda Integra Protect Urinary 300g

Animonda Integra Protect Urinary 300g

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Animonda INTEGRA PROTECT Urinary has been specially developed for cats that have already suffered from struvite stones. To prevent these from recurring, it is important that the cat has a urine pH below 6.5. At this pH level, struvite stones can no longer form.

For this reason, the urinary dry food contains perfectly balanced minerals. It is also important that the magnesium and phosphorus supply is tailored to the cat’s needs. INTEGRA PROTECT Urinary is especially tasty to cats with urinary stone issues.


Corn, poultry protein (dried), poultry fat, poultry protein hydrol., cellulose, poultry liver, beet pulp, yeast, salmon oil, dried eggs, fructooligosaccharides, sodium chloride, calcium carbonate, DL-methionine.

  • Protein30 %
  • fat content16 %
  • crude fiber4 %
  • crude ash6 %
  • moisture6 %
  • calcium1 %
  • phosphorus0.77 %
  • sodium0.43 %
  • potassium0.48 %
  • magnesium0.08 %
  • chloride0.6 %
  • sulfur0.56 %