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Applaws Cat Tuna Loin Plain 30g

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Applaws Cat Tuna Loin is an exclusive snack food, made from 100% premium tuna fillet. The succulent fillet pieces are from tuna sourced from sustainable fisheries. The manufacturing process avoids the use of grains or soya as well as other vegetable-based ingredients, making Applaws Cat Tuna Loin an ideal snack for cats that have grain allergies or sensitivities. With Applaws Cat Tuna Loin you are giving your cat a snack that meets its nutritional needs as well as being easily digested and converted into energy. This food does not contain any flavour enhancers, preservatives, or flavourings.

Applaws Cat Tuna Loin at a glance:

  • Natural cat snack
  • 100% succulent Tuna fillet
  • Fish from sustainable sources
  • Grain free and no vegetable-based ingredients
  • Excellent flavour
  • Easily digested and converted into energy