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Beaphar Lactol Kitten Milk 250g

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Beaphar Lactol Kitty Milk

Beaphar Kitty Milk is a complete replacement of mother's milk for orphaned kittens. Kitty Milk has been specially developed for orphaned kittens and kittens that don't drink enough from their mother, from birth until they are 35 days old. It is also suitable as a supplement for queens during pregnancy or lactation. Giving kittens normal milk could lead to malnutrition and other deficiencies as it does not contain enough protein and fat to meet their requirements. The composition of Beaphar Kitty Milk has been improved to provide an even better source of essential nutrients for newborn kittens. Beaphar Kitty Milk provides the right balance of essential oils, necessary vitamins and minerals for the best start in life.


Add Kitty Milk to warm, non-boiling water and mix until everything has dissolved. Let the mixture cool to body temperature (38ºC), after which is ready for use. Always provide plenty of fresh drinking water.

Recommended basic mixing ratio: Mix 1 part powder (in g) with 3.5 parts water (in ml). One measuring scoop of Kitty Milk is 2.5g; so 12 measuring scoops (= 30g) should be mixed with 105ml water to make approximately 130ml of milk.



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