Mr Johnsons Wildlife Squirrel Food 900g

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Squirrels eat a diet largely made up of nuts, seeds, grains, berries and fruit depending on the time of year and the local food availability. A specially blended recipe providing a well balanced diet for squirrels, Mr Johnsons Wildlife Squirrel Food is ideal for all three breeds of squirrel, containing some of their favourite ingredients such as mixed nuts, peanuts, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, rosehip and apple.

Ideal for feeding from a squirrel feeding station, Mr Johnsons squirrel Food contains only high quality ingredients to provide premium nutrition, full of essential oils and fats needed by squirrels to help them develop and remain healthy. It is ideal for all year-round feeding, although particularly during the early Spring when it is more difficult for squirrels to find food because buried nuts are lost or begin to sprout.

  • A delicious recipe for wild squirrels
  • Combines a tasty and nutritious variety of natural ingredients
  • includes nuts, seeds, grains, berries and fruits
  • A specially blended recipe loved by wild squirrels of all breeds
  • Provides premium nutrition aiding their overall health and wellbeing
  • Ideal for feeding all year round, particularly during the early spring when nuts are lost or are just beginning to sproout
  • Convenient 900g bag
  • VAT free in the UK

Composition: Mixed nuts, Sunflower seeds, Whole wheat, Whole oats, Peanuts, Pine nuts, Rose hips, Apple, Soya oil.