Natural Instinct working Dog Chicken and Tripe

Natural Instinct working Dog Chicken and Tripe

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This is a very popular recipe within this range as most dogs love green tripe!  This product can be used to get an otherwise fussy dog to eat. Developed specifically for working dogs with added vitamin C, this recipe helps support a healthy immune system and maintain healthy ligaments and joints.


British Chicken with bone (45%)




Butternut Squash


Sea kelp


British Beef Green Tripe (40%)






Scottish Salmon Oil



Vitamin C (50mg per kg)



Moisture 69.7%, Protein 13.6%, Fat 11.6%, Fibre 2.8%, Calcium 0.6%, Phosphorus 0.4%, Sodium 0.1%, Inorganic Matter 2.7%


Product Information

A frozen complete and balanced raw food for working dogs, available in 1kg


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