Natural Instinct Tripe and Turkey

Natural Instinct Tripe and Turkey

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Made with 40% British beef green tripe and 40% British turkey with bone togther with our usual fruit and vegetable mix, this recipe is a firm favourite with all our dogs. Most dogs seem to love green tripe, so this product can be an excellent way to get an otherwise fussy dog to eat.


British Beef Green Tripe (40%)


Butternut Squash

Sea kelp

British Turkey with Bone (40%)



Scottish Salmon Oil


Moisture 65.9%, Protein 14.4%, Fat 14.1%, Fibre 2.1%, Calcium 1.1%, Phosphorus 0.7%, Sodium 0.1%, Inorganic Matter 3.9%


Product Information

A frozen complete and balanced raw food for dogs.  Available in 2x500g tubs.