Natures Menu Cat Can 85g Multipack

Natures Menu Cat Can 85g Multipack

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Natures Menu Adult cat food tins are a natural premium quality food to help keep your cat in tip top condition.Made from a minimum of 70% real meat, Natures Menu Adult Cat food pouches are full of quality goodness. Hypoallergenic, and wheat and gluten free, Natures Menu Adult Cat food tins are natural and full of flavour. Natures Menu Cat food pouches contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, and are specially formulated to suit your cat's energy needs and to promote a healthy, active lifestyle. Natures Menu Adult Cat food tins multipack, come in twelve easy to serve tins containing 85g of yummy, natural goodness. Each cat multipack from Natures menu contains four of each of the following favourite flavours: Chicken & Turkey, Chicken with Salmon & Tuna, Beef & Chicken.


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