Spikes Dinner (Dry) For Hedgehogs 650g

Spikes Dinner (Dry) For Hedgehogs 650g

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Spike's history began 21 years ago after realising there was no specialist hedgehog food to feed our spiky little friends. After months of development and nutritional research, the new food was tested on the prickly residents of the local hedgehog sanctuary to try and they loved it, more importantly, they thrived on it. Spike's value the the health and well-being of wild hedgehogs and they make it their priority to help facilitate a flourishing future for hedgehogs and to ensure the stability of wild hedgehogs in an already declining population. Naturally nutritious and produced lovingly in Blackburn, Lancashire.

Spikes Crunchy Dry Food is a delicious chicken based food for hedgehogs of all ages. It's packed with nutrition and can be served on its own or mixed with other hedgehog foods from the Spikes range. Fed regularly it will encourage visits to your garden all year round.
Hedgehog Hospital Approved.

Suitable for hedgehogs of all ages.


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