Trixie Automatic Food Dispenser TX5+1

Trixie Automatic Food Dispenser TX5+1

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With Trixie automatic feed dispensers, you can provide your dog with a constant supply of the food she needs even when you are away. Feeding quantities and times can be programmed either directly in the device or, in the case of smart devices via an app. Since you can set and monitor the exact amount of food, automatic feeders can help you control your dog's weight.

The automatic feeders of the TX1-TX6 series can be filled with wet food as well as dry food. With the TX7-TX9 range of automatic feeders, you can record a voice message to be played at feeding time. With the smart automatic feeders, you can also record a voice message that is played at feeding times. With the smart feeders, you can also interact with your pet via microphone and loudspeaker and keep an eye on the pet at all times via an integrated camera.

The feeders are powered either by a mains plug or a USB cable, and they can also be partly battery-operated or battery-only. Here you can choose the version that is most convenient for you.

  •  feeding times can be programmed (up to 5 times per day)
  •  for 5+1 meals of 0.18 l
  •  anti-trap protection prevents injuries to the pet's paws while the automatic feed dispenser is rotating
  •  automatic safety lock
  •  also suitable for wet food
  •  feed bowls dishwasher suitable
  •  with USB connection (battery operation optional)
  •  USB cable included
  •  with display showing low battery power
  •  plastic