Vitakraft Fruit Cocktail Budgie 200g

Vitakraft Fruit Cocktail Budgie 200g

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Seeds are the staple diet of most bird species. They love to feed all the time which is why you need something that would not only taste delicious but also provide a lot of nutritional benefits to the little friends. The Vitakraft Fruit Cocktail 200g is a great choice for your bird that is full of nutrients and is a sugar-free recipe. This Budgie treat is delicious, easily digestible, and full of nutrients!

This pack has everything that your bird needs to lead a healthy, active, and happy life. Vitakraft Budgie is a blend of wholesome fruits to provide a nutrient-packed treat for your budgie. Also, the specially tailored formula contains unprocessed ingredients from their region of origin. It contains more nutrients as compared to other basic seeds. It is made with a fine composition of ingredients like cereals, seeds, fruits, oils and fats, vegetables, eggs, yeast, milk, minerals and honey.

The Vitakraft Fruit Cocktail is 100% natural and a great selection for your pet friends. They wont only lead an active lifestyle but also love to feed on it every day. It is a great supplement to be added to the daily diet of your pet friend.

Product Benefits

  • Contains carefully selected seeds to provide a healthy and balanced diet to the feathered friends
  • Acts as a tasty supplement along with regular food of your pet bird
  • Completely sugar-free diet
  • Made without the use of artificial flavours
  • Can be served as treats and rewards