WORMclear Dog for Dogs up to 40kg

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Beaphar WORMclear Tablets for Dogs is an effective veterinary strength medicine to treat roundworm and tapeworm infestations in your dog, containing pyrantel embonate, praziquantel and febantel. These worming tablets for dogs are easy to give and can be given with or without food. Beaphar WORMclear Tablets for Large Dogs have a tasty pork flavour which can make them more appealing to dogs.

  • Kills all types of common intestinal worms found in UK dogs;
  • Kills roundworms, whipworms, hookworms and tapeworms;
  • Vet strength;
  • Tasty pork flavoured tablets that make worming a treat to give with or without food;
  • Ideal for dogs weighing more than 20kg.